Senin, 12 Juli 2010

Analisis kinerja keuangan PT.Perkebunan Nusantara III Medan Sumatera Utara


By : Mangasi Sirait (0606012031)
Counsultans : Ir. Sakti Hutabarat, MAgrEcon and Didi Muwardi, SE.Ak


Generally, the aim of building a company is to obtain profits. Profit can only be obtained by the existence of performance of the company itself. The performance of company can be used as measuring instrument asseting efficiacy of its effort and olso as considering in making a decision and a plan in future. The aim of this research is to analyse financial performance of PT. Perkebunan Nusantara III Medan, North Sumatera. Well the performance which houl count concern liquidity position, solvency, profit ability, and activity that copared with the finance ratio of agricultural company that had Go Public along with using economic value add (EVA). Pursuant to result of calculation to monetary ratio is known that increase of liquidity ratio and solvency of this company during 2004-2008 are still under average of finance ratio of Go Public agricultural company. It proves that this company is unable to finish its short – range and long – range obligations, if it look from companys ability in reaching profit or frofit ability, this company is on top of Go Public agricultural company's average ratio. It prover that this company is on top to reace profit other company. The calculation of Economic Value Add ( EVA) also proves that management of company houl succed in creating value to owner of capital. It show that company's finance performance is maked as positive by the calculation of EVA.

Key Words : Performance, Liquidation, Solvancy, Profit ability, Economic Value Add, Go Public

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